Objectives of JPIC Commission

To Co-ordinate
The Congregation’s effort in the field of Justice and Peace at all levels and to work in close collaboration with the Central Administration.

To Develop
A holistic vision and spirituality of Justice and Peace Mission
A methodology of the Montfortian Gabrielite involvement for Justice and Peace.

To Organize and Animate
Intensive programs of formation in Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) at international and Province levels. Common programs for Justice, involving all the Provinces of the Institute.

To Promote and Encourage
Programs in the Montfortian Gabrielite Education Project in order to create awareness of issues of JPIC.
The formation of educators and leaders who share our education mission and charism, especially our commitment to the poor and the less privileged. Networking among our Provinces and local levels, with the Montfortian Family and other Religious Societies, lay-people and people of other faiths at all levels. Establishing at the Province and local levels, and sustaining the Montfortian Child Rights Movement (MCRM) which was launched in Hyderabad in February 2005.

To Collect Information
On what is done in the different regions of the Institute and to share the information throughout the Congregation.

To Record and Maintain
Proper and systematic files on all relevant information and transactions.

To Create
A Gabrielite Website for a more effective exercise of our ministry for justice. (Message 2.10, 2.11, p 32).

To Participate
In some international forums dealing with issues of Justice and Peace and share within the JPIC network the information and the experience gained.

To Join Hands
With the existing International Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and possibly tying up with the Justice and Peace Cell of the United Nations and exploring the possibility of starting an office for this purpose wherever feasible.