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Montfort Herbal & Eco Spiritual Centre in Srikakulam

Montfort Herbal and Eco-Spirituality Centre at S. Gopalapuram in Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh, India, is the product of the collective inspiration, discernment and decision taken in the Provincial Chapter of 2014. Responding to the signs of the times, the Chapter decided to build an Eco Spiritual centre, which will stand as a testament of our commitment to protection and preservation of nature as well as a symbol of protest against all kinds of deforestation, misuse, abuse and exploitation of natural resources, which endangers the life within this planet. Thus VANA MITRA (Friends of the Forest) was born, with the Moto: Nature is life.

Vana Mitra has natural beautiful surroundings, filled with a variety of plants, shrubs, grass, trees, insects, animals, birds, water sources, and a great tribal population. The centre has invested its energy to know and discover the name and worth of some medicinal plants.
Bro. Monson Kuriakose, SG